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All instances are powered by SSD, which makes them fast, flexible, and easy to set up. Picked in a variety of sizes, to help you find the best instance for your needs.

VCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Speed IP Price
1 vCPU 1GB 30GB 1200GB 1Gbps 1

$15.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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2 vCPU 2GB 40GB 2000GB 1Gbps 1

$30.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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4 vCPU 2GB 20GB 2500GB 1Gbps 1

$45.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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3 vCPU 3GB 60GB 3000GB 1Gbps 1

$60.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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4 vCPU 4GB 80GB 4000GB 1Gbps 1

$80.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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6 vCPU 8GB 150GB 5000GB 1Gbps 1

$95.00/month On sale - Save 10% Annually

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Explore Ratio:Server's Linux VPS servers

Perfect for hosting moderate traffic websites like forums or blogs, small databases, or for testing purposes.

SSD Disk Drives

These virtual private servers are powered by Intel next-gen architecture, SSD storage and a highly resilient infrastructure offering you the very best performance.

Full Root Access & Control

Get full access over your server using two industry-standard control panels plus still retain root command-line access if you are technically savvy. You can install whaterver you want on your VPS because you're in control.

World-class Datacenters

Choose the location of your VPS server among our top-tier datacenters, located worldwide at 21+ locations, to optimize speed and delivery to your audience.

Connected to 1Gbps ports

Host websites, services, and applications that require high bandwidth on top industry data centers with the backup of superfluous network backbone to ensure comfort and a better user experience for your customers.

DDoS Protection

All VPS instances come standard with security group firewalls and hardware-based protection to safeguard your work against every vulnerability.

High Availability

We know that in a business, you can’t risk having a subpar website. We ensure to provide stable service with minimal latency, and hardware availability guaranteed by an SLA to meet the demands of your customers and users.

Choice of OS for your Virtual Machine

Our web hosting platform has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications, delivering speeds of up to16x faster.

VPS tailored to the needs of developers

Ask us to pre-install below listed optimised application to ease and expedite your VPS journey.

Need More Power & Performance?

Looking for more performance, and flexibility? Get started with Dedicated Server Hosting or speak with a expert now.

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